Event Monitor

A cardiac event monitor or recorder is a battery-powered portable device that you control to tape-record your heart's electrical activity (ECG) when you have symptoms. There are two types of event recorders: a loop memory monitor and a symptom event monitor. Cardiac event recorders and other devices that record your ECG as you go about your daily activities are also called ambulatory electrocardiographic monitors. A cardiac event recorder makes a record of your electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) when experiencing fast or slow heartbeats, or feeling dizzy or about to faint. It can also be used to see how you respond to medicines.

There are no risks when using a cardiac event recorder. Wearing a cardiac event recorder causes no pain. However, if you wear electrode patches, the adhesive might irritate your skin. Any skin irritation disappears when the patches are removed.

You may be asked to wear a cardiac event recorder if you have fast, slow or irregular heartbeats called 'arrhythmias'.

After wearing a cardiac event recorder You may need to wear an event recorder for several days or up to a month. With several recordings, your doctor will be able to decide if any irregular heartbeats require more tests or treatment.

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